About REDX

REDX is a technology company based in Silicon Slopes, Utah. We are a SaaS based technology company which specializes in lead generation, homeowner and property data, and prospecting products and services for real estate professionals. Established in 2003, we have worked to help more than 40,000 real estate agents throughout the United States and Canada realize their business goals for over a decade.

Corporate Vision

Our purpose is to clear the path to success for real estate professionals. Our ability to fulfill this mission is a result of the team we’ve built that comprises the REDX. As we have built our team, we have identified 8 core values that represent the behaviors and skills we value most in our fellow employees. These core values are:

  1. Candid Communication
  2. Commitment
  3. Craftsmanship
  4. Curiosity
  5. Drive
  6. Good Judgement
  7. Positive Attitude
  8. Respect

Our mission is to build The Ultimate Prospecting Platform™.

History – Our Story

Real Estate Data X-Change (known as “REDX”) got started in March 2003 in Provo, Utah, with their first concept meeting to answer the question “How do we provide real estate agents with an expired leads solution?” While the other partners focused on developing future sales channels and basic business operations needed to get started, Mark Leck, REDX’s CEO and Co-Founder, was responsible for creating the product and overcoming the technical and logistical hurdles associated with building this type of system.

Countless hours were spent doing research and trying to overcome many of these obstacles, but one obstacle almost shutdown the startup, until a miraculous phone call helped redefine the strategy.

With a clear pathway forward, the trio set up shop by converting a used 486 desktop to a Linux server, bumming a DSL line from a friend, securing their first office space (about 50 sqft!), and starting development. After just over two months of development, the company incorporated in August of 2003, and sold their first account on September 26, 2003. As fate would have it, in the fall of 2003, Mark Leck also ended up engaging their first major strategic partner, Mike Ferry, which helped push REDX’s nationwide expansion over the next several years.

Still based in Silicon Slopes, Utah, REDX’s commitment and drive to clear the path to success for real estate professionals pushes it to be at the head of lead generation software and solutions. In 2007, REDX launched their industry leading For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) service throughout the United States and Canada.  As the industry adapted to the economic recession and the increase in short sale/foreclosure leads, REDX produced its Pre-Foreclosure service in 2010 combining Notice of Default, Notice of Sale and Lis Pendens into one service. Because of our commitment to data quality, in 2011, REDX pioneered an innovative new measurement of lead quality (known as Octane™) as well as a method of data quality analysis, and conducted an exhaustive study comparing its product against 22 of the largest national data providers. The results confirmed REDX was still the industry leader for data quality and revealed new ways to make improvements which has allowed us to maintain that competitive advantage moving forward. To this day, REDX continues to conduct similar studies to measure REDX Octane™ (data quality) and monitor how our data compares and what can be improved. In 2013, REDX launched the first version of their dialer, Storm™, to help assist real estate professionals in their prospecting.

With more than a decade of experience under its belt, having worked with more than 40,000 agents and studying the outcomes of our client’s prospecting efforts, REDX recognized there were no prospecting platforms on the market, including its own at the time, which were designed to intuitively guide the real estate agent to prospect in a way that is proven to get results. In 2014, it decided to invent a new way to prospect. REDX’s mission is to build The Ultimate Prospecting Platform™. The result is Vortex®, A Smarter Way to Prospect™. VORTEX® reimagines the way agents prospect in an incredibly simplified and intuitive format, as is the basis for all major initiatives within the company moving forward.

The results from REDX speak for themselves. REDX’s industry expertise and unique approach to data research enable our clients to produce at an average of three times the national average for real estate agents. REDX solutions enable customers to make connections, measure objectives, and maximize time to achieve greater success in business.

What started in 2003 as a simple idea has grown into a way of thinking, the way to prospect, and a critical strategy of growth for real estate professionals.