All REDX leads are now being delivered via Vortex Prospecting Platform. As a cloud-based lead management tool, you will now be able to pull up your Expired, FSBO, or Pre-Foreclosure leads wherever and on any device, Windows, MAC, or Android. Lead accessibility anywhere together with a sleek, intuitive interface, Vortex causes REDX to be user-friendly!

Vortex allows you to contact leads via sophisticated filters and custom tags, so you can start organizing prospects, and prioritizing them without distractions. Every lead shall contain scripts, fields for call notes, and calendar tools for further use in approaching leads with the right messaging at the right time.

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Getting Leads

In maximizing every lead and its potential, we will help you deliver your REDX leads into the Vortex contact manager in no time. Vortex allows you to access FSBO, Pre-Foreclosure, Expired, and other leads you need from wherever you are at. This is a web-based system that is simple and used-friendly so you can focus on more important things that matters more to you and your business.



The time you have been wishing for has finally came! You can now call your leads without any hassle with Vortex. No more browsing bulk folders and clunky databases, because we have these customer tags and filters. Prioritizing your workflow will be within your reach as you look for the best method of prospecting that best suits you



At the end of the day, Vortex will simply enhance what REDX has always done – help agents talk to more people, sell more houses, and make more money. The goal hasn’t changed, we’ve just made it that much easier for you. Vortex not only meets our commitment to craftsmanship, but manifests our drive to empower agents to be the best they can be. When you succeed, we succeed.


I only work with two kinds of clients, those seeking to buy and those looking to sell! Over 40% of my business comes from expired listings and at least 40% of my business comes from my past clients as referrals! REDX is a powerful tool that assists me in contacting both my existing client base and the expired listings I re-list and sell! Without REDX I could not make the volume of contacts I make as efficiently or successfully!

Paula Burlison

Las Vegas, NV

Why do I love REDX? It makes my job that much easier. Every morning I get into the office and the first thing I do is start REDX. With a few clicks I have looked up every expired and FSBO in minutes. Then I am ready to call the leads. Remember: the early bird catches the worm, and even if I’m behind in my morning sometimes the second mouse gets the cheese.

Deric Lipski

Easton, MA